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Predictive Analysis - AI

Human curiosity, meet machine intelligence. Great things are going to happen.

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Introducing Qlik Insight Bot™ for AI-powered conversational analytics.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive forces in technology we’ll see in our lifetimes. At Qlik, we’re building a new breed of AI — one that amplifies the power of human intuition with the scale and speed of machine intelligence. That’s why we call “AI” Augmented Intelligence. When working together with people, AI can raise the data literacy of your entire workforce, so smarter, bolder discoveries happen every day.

Machine suggestions and insights

Deliver automated insight suggestions that help users see their data in new ways, auto-generating and prioritizing analytics and insights based on the overall data set and a user’s search criteria.

Explore without boundaries

When users can easily explore using both visual and conversational analytics, they can instantly surface more relevant information and insights without having to be data experts.

Machine learning and adaptation

Generating more relevant insights and suggestions based on factors such as user behavior and feedback, community trends, industry knowledge, and more brings the power of the platform to the next level.

Put the power of data-driven insight in everyone’s hands

Data literacy is part education and part cultural shift. Equally important is technology that can enable anyone to access, analyze, and take action with data. Our powerful Associative Engine maps every relationship in your data, allowing people to dive in and explore through simple selections and search. A rich set of smart visualizations summarize massive data sets and reveal outliers. And advanced analytics integration with real-time exploration helps all users take advantage of powerful data science to make smarter, bolder discoveries.

Users are empowered to load data and build analytics with drag-and-drop simplicity. Machine assistance and automation surfaces the best associations between data sets and visual representations of data, driving data literacy for many more users.

An open-platform to accelerate AI-powered insights

A robust ecosystem of AI solutions

Tap into our ever growing collection of pre-built, certified partner and developer solutions to extend AI-powered capabilities from visual to voice and beyond.

Build whatever you can imagine

Need a custom solution that doesn’t yet exist? Rapidly develop custom analytics apps and build new analytics extensions through a full set of open APIs.

Don’t just analyze, take action

Capture, organize, and share insights in Qlik Sense®, and take advantage of analytics embedded directly within downstream workflow apps, to drive action based on insight.


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